Sunday, February 5, 2017

Michael Meade: Reweaving the Center

Michael Meade - - has long been among my wise and soulful teachers. There is great truth here. May we all increasingly welcome the gifts given which support and nourish us in the individual and collective awakening that is unfolding. 
With love & blessings ~ Molly

"In the midst of the fragmentation that now characterizes our world, each person winds up feeling marginal or pushed to the extreme in some way. Since the “center cannot hold,” it must be relocated at another level of being. Each person must find a thread of relevance to their own soul. That “soul thread” connects to the eternal thread of life. If enough people follow their essential thread, a new center can be woven of the diverse skein of threads carried by individual souls.The antidote for the isolation and dissociation so characteristic of modern life lies in finding again the ancient wellsprings of human imagination and the personal thread to the underlying continuity of life.

Apocalyptic myths often include a stage of apocatastasis or renewal of the cosmos after a period of chaos and dissolution. Apocalypse does not mean the end of everything; rather it means “lifting of the veil,” a time of both collapse and renewal as the underlying energies of life become intensely activated and revealed. In mythic terms it is not simply that collapse is followed by renewal; rather that the two go on simultaneously. As things fall apart on one level, the next world seeks to arise from another level. This can be considered as a “new world” or the same old world renewing itself from its eternal origins. The problem is not that soon it will all come to an end, rather the issue is how to act when it seems that way.
"When the world rattles and everything turns upside down, holding to the inner thread may be the surest way to find meaning and gain a sense of purpose."
A hidden wholeness underlies the wild dance of creation, although most people no longer know that. Yet, at critical times in life we must take hold of the inner thread and follow where it leads in order to find how we best fit and where our life is threaded to the pulse of existence. If we follow its gradient line, we become agents of creation, rather than victims of chaos.

The inner genius is our natural connection to the soul of life. When we allow it to awaken within us, we become more vital and purposeful. If we allow this destiny thread to pull us along, the unique ways in which we are woven and spun and aimed from within will help us not only to survive, but also to find our own way to contribute meaning, vitality and beauty to this increasingly troubled world."

- Michael Meade, "The Genius Myth"

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