Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ALisa Starkweather: We Are All Going to Need Each Other

There is such beautiful wisdom and love here. 
This is a powerful and needed gift.
 ❤ Molly

Heart muscle please grow stronger but not with walls or barriers ~ with love prevailing on every breath. Bring me neither numbness, nor being overwrought with grief or anxiety about what is present. 

My sadness is not to be confused with despair, or giving up, or weakness or defeat but rather a testament of engagement with deep caring, kindness, love and the willingness to keep my eyes wide open to the peril we are in, to face loss and to feel. My sadness comes from how much we all lose when we choose not to collectively confront the culture we were born into that perpetuates hate, greed, consumption and disrespect for the earth and each other. There is no they.., it is us ~ our relatives, our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, children in this one human family. My sorrow is for the ocean, the children and young people, for the ones who most need protection and sanctuary, for the mistrust of truth, for continued brutality and hatred that is centuries old in genetic lineage of trauma among us which never found healing. My sadness is for life on earth and the moment that is now. And tomorrow? Hell yes, I am waking up, and doing everything in my power to keep showing up and taking a stand. There always has been and will be strength in our vulnerability. This is where we get real. Enough bullshit right? 

Blessings to us all each and everyone ~ left or right or in between. Whatever is here, effects us all and we are going to need each other.


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