Thursday, February 9, 2017

James O’Dea: Beauty, Truth, and Action

Beauty, Truth, and Action

“It is beauty that awakens the soul to act.” (Dante) So what about gut, solar plexus, heart and brain?
The gut –sometimes referred to as the enteric or third brain- gives us instinctive hunches and important intuitive hits. Tuning into gut feelings can help you get better at sensing what’s true and false and feel what’s coming.

The solar plexus is where you hold your power: it needs to be fed strong cool energy. If it is too boiling hot or if it is frozen you need to learn how to activate a balanced sense of your own power. Without this balance you will get triggered or be dazed and lethargic.

The heart feeds your power to relate, understand, be compassionate and to find the courage to act out of unconditional love. The heart feeds transformational action.

The brain supplies multiple tools to be strategic and clever in acting on behalf of the moral order and justice. Intellect plus vision leads to skillful and nonviolent action.

And, yes, the soul responds to beauty. But as the poet Keats reminds us “Beauty is truth and truth beauty”………… as things get very ugly walk through the lies as an embodiment of your highest truth and you will find your soul brilliantly expressing itself.

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