Sunday, February 26, 2017

Frank Ostaseski: The Transformational Gifts of Grief

No matter how spiritual we are, we remain human. Grief is among the most human of experiences. The tasks of grieving are not about “getting over” our experience or “getting rid” of uncomfortable feelings. Grieving is not about transcendence or having some kind of positive spiritual view. It is to feel it all and gradually to deeply appreciate life and life’s preciousness by understanding impermanence.
The death of someone we love can totally transform us as humans. That transformation can be revolutionary in that it completely changes our life. We do not go back to who we were before the loss. We are changed by it forever. Grief deepens you. Our losses can wake us up to an undying love. Grief can be a unifying force. It can carry us from fractured states of separation to a deeper state of unity with our own selves and others.

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