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Top 10 Best Healthcare Systems in the World

America does not make this list.
Another world is possible.
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By Luca Dezzani, MD
Global Medical Director at Novartis Oncology & Physician

With the continuous rise in health care costs around the world, each country has been looking into their current health care system’s efficiency and value for money to promote the welfare and well-being of a greater population and achieve better health outcomes. In fact, many people consider US and Canada’s health care systems as those that would top the list. However, considering several aspects of a good health care system such as quality, accessibility, efficiency, equity and scores on three indicators of healthy lives, the Commonwealth Fund came up with a report that includes an overall ranking of countries which exhibit relatively good performance on all dimensions.

The health care system in Norway is based on the principles of universal access, decentralization and free choice of provider. A person seeking professional care from a GP typically pays NOK 140 (USD 17) during the day and NOK 235 (USD 28) during the night. On the other hand, if he opts to consult a specialist, he has to pay NOK 315 (USD 39). Aside from this, drugs for chronic conditions are given on a blue prescription and are typically charged less.
France requires upfront payments which are then reimbursed in partial or in full. However, starting November 2017, all upfront payments will be waived. In addition, all transactions in France are done through a smart card called Carte Vitale. The card is swiped to pay for all health expenses and will be reimbursed to the payor’s bank account within five banking days.
Canada’s current health care system offers insurance plans that can cover the different health needs of its citizens. Private insurance companies offer a wide range of benefits that provincial health insurance cannot provide. These include, but not limited to, dental services, optometrists and prescription drugs. With its existing health care system, Canada possesses one of the highest life expectancies and lowest infant mortality rates.

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