Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Structures of Centuries Old Historical Violence That Remain Present Today

Gratitude to my friend Rebecca for sharing this one. I join Rebecca in posting this in the wake of the tragedy in Portland on May 26th where three men were attacked and two killed while standing in protection of two teenage girls, one who was wearing a hijab, who were being verbally assaulted while on Portland's public transportation system. May we all find our ways of standing up to violence and injustice. Another world is possible. Tag, we are all it! - Molly

Here is an analysis by Robert Chanate of a killing of a Quinault man quietly enjoying his birthday in a camp-out with some friends. The analysis pertains directly to this situation...

This morning, I read a news story about a 20 year old Native American father of twin toddlers who was killed while celebrating his birthday. The man and his friends were camping out when they were attacked by a white man in a truck, shouting racial slurs, who ran over the young father, killing him. These deadly attacks by racists, on People of Color (and white allies) have increased in the past few months and they are usually preceded by the yelling and shouting of racial slurs at some innocent person or group of folks minding their own business in a public space. There is the yelling of slurs and then the racists launch a physical attack often with weapons. 

These attackers are not lone wolves. They come from a much larger pack which exists in U.S society. The words they use prior to their attack are meant to dehumanize their victims and are drawn from centuries old structures of historical violence. 

Whereas in the recent past, someone yelling racial slurs might have simply been intending to insult and humiliate, today it is, once again, becoming the precursor to acts of extreme and deadly violence against People of Color. That being the case, it seems likely that some People of Color will take the yelling of racial slurs as the ‘battle cry’ it’s intended to be and defend themselves accordingly. As we’ve seen, their safety and lives are probably at stake.

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