Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Grace Lee Boggs: The Spiritual Leap Into Becoming More "Human" Human Beings

Grace Lee Boggs is among my many heroes. This amazing woman from Detroit lived her life - nearly all of her 100 years! - in service of a higher good for all. Bless her! May she inspire in us an ever deepening transformation into the wholeness of who we are.
Peace & blessings - Molly

 The Wisdom, Courage, and Fierce Love of
Grace Lee Boggs

To make a revolution, people must not only struggle against existing institutions. They must make a philosophical/ spiritual leap and become more 'human' human beings. In order to change/ transform the world, they must change/ transform themselves.

I think that at some level, people recognize that growing our economy is destroying us. It's destroying us as human beings, it's destroying our planet.

We need to connect Visionary work with Resistance work. One is not possible without the other. Both are essential parts of a more holistic movement for change.
People are aware that they cannot continue in the same old way but are immobilized because they cannot imagine an alternative. We need a vision that recognizes that we are at one of the great turning points in human history when the survival of our planet and the restoration of our humanity require a great sea change in our ecological, economic, political, and spiritual values.

A revolution that is based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one of the great historical contributions of humankind.

Don't get stuck in old ideas. Keep recognizing that reality is changing and that your ideas have to change.

We urgently need a paradigm shift in our concept of the purposes and practices of education. We need to leave behind the concept of education as a passport to more money and higher status in the future and replace it with a concept of education as an ongoing process that enlists the tremendous energies and creativity of schoolchildren in rebuilding and respiriting our communities and our cities now, in the present. 

Love isn't about what we did yesterday; it's about what we do today and tomorrow and the day after. 

- Grace Lee Boggs

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