Sunday, May 7, 2017

Donald Trump Has 'Dangerous Mental Illness', Say Psychiatry Experts at Yale Conference

Wow! This well articulated article and the professional voices here nail it! I experience this deep, deep gratitude for each voice strongly speaking to the truth of Mr. Trump's mental illness. Yes, of course, there is more going on that we urgently need to address than that we have a severely disturbed and dangerous president. And, yes, Mr. Trump is a symptom of something much larger than this one man. That also does not diminish how vital it is to recognize this threat that our current president poses to us all. And through the personal tragedy of my birth family and the very similar severe mental illness of my mother (before successful treatment at age 87), I understand this threat in my heart and soul. Which is why again and again I am illuminating the truth of what we are facing as a nation and planet due to just how dangerous this president is. We all must resist and work collaboratively together to end this collective tragedy. - Molly

Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'

Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University.
Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.
Speaking at the conference at Yale’s School of Medicine on Thursday, one of the mental health professionals, Dr John Gartner, a practising psychotherapist who advised psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School until 2015, said: “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness.”
Dr Gartner, who is also a founding member of Duty to Warn, an organisation of several dozen mental health professionals who think Mr Trump is mentally unfit to be president, said the President's statement about having the largest crowd at an inauguration was just one of many that served as warnings of a larger problem.
“Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President. If Donald Trump really believes he had the largest crowd size in history, that’s delusional,” he added.
Chairing the event, Dr Bandy Lee, assistant clinical professor in the Yale Department of Psychiatry, said: “As some prominent psychiatrists have noted, [Trump’s mental health] is the elephant in the room. I think the public is really starting to catch on and widely talk about this now.”
James Gilligan, a psychiatrist and professor at New York University, told the conference he had worked some of the “most dangerous people in society”, including murderers and rapists — but that he was convinced by the “dangerousness” of Mr Trump.
“I’ve worked with some of the most dangerous people our society produces, directing mental health programmes in prisons,” he said.
“I’ve worked with murderers and rapists. I can recognise dangerousness from a mile away. You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend fifty years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous this man is.”

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