Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reflections On the Wisdom, Integrity, Courage of Howard Zinn

Arkansas legislation that has been introduced to ban the work of Howard Zinn from classrooms outrages and deeply disturbs me. 
In America, we have long been in great need of changing the stories we know and live by. Changing these stories that most of us are taught to not question from the earliest years of our childhoods is not an easy task at all. Yet, there can be no healing from that which is denied and not seen or understood. So it is up to each and every one of us to embrace the courage and commitment to question, to cultivate our capacity for critical thinking, and to look deeply into the American shadow and learn deeper truths in order that we may heal and transform that which has caused harm for so many for so long.
I love Howard Zinn because he is not among those who have lied and misled us out of ignorance, greed, and fear. On the contrary, he lived his life as an example to us all of courage and integrity and a fierce commitment to truth and a higher good for us all.
Blessed are the courageous truth-tellers who have relentlessly devoted their lives to bringing us the truth of that which wakes us up rather than pulls us into the deep slumber of indoctrination, ignorance, fear and separation. 
Courage is contagious. May we be inspired by those who shine a bright light on the path of courage and heart, of caring and connection, and of truth and wisdom. We can all commit to nourishing and strengthening within ourselves the consciousness that we need individually and collectively to work together toward a world which is sustainable, peaceful, and awakening.
Bless us all - Molly

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