Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kent Nerburn: A Moral Imperative

This is powerful and needed and clearly illuminates the urgency of the wake up call we are faced with. May we listen and hear and respond. There is truly a moral imperative for each of us to do whatever it is that we can for the sake of our grandchildren and the planet. 
Peace & blessings ~ Molly

The man is a liar. We need not point out his lies. The man is a bully. We need not point out his bullying. The man has no heart and no conscience and no moral compass other than winning and losing. We need no more proof of these pathologies. That he is in power reveals a sickness in our national soul.
The only question now is how he can be removed. This will be a long, agonizing unwinding, if it happens at all. But the issue is no longer one of discovery, it is about institutional will to do something that is disruptive, unprecedented, and unthinkable.
Playing "gotcha" will not matter. He can be "gotten" and has been "gotten" already. The revelations will continue and will get to the very heart of our democracy and Constitution while he continues to pollute our national soul and damage the world for the children to come.
Here is what we are facing: When the "gotcha" becomes overwhelming and undeniable; when he is trapped like a rat in a corner with no possibility of legal escape, he will simply bare his teeth and say, "So, what are you going to do about it?"
How we respond to that will be the measure of our institutional will. I, for one, see too many governmental officials getting lost in this as a process of litigation rather than as a moral imperative. At some point they have to be guided by the vision of the goal they seek, and this must be the goal of the removal of this man for the good of our grandchildren and the fragile planet we all share.
Yes, it must be done legally, or we are no better than the wretched man himself. But it is time to aim at the goal rather than to focus exclusively on the process. We need to get him out, and he must be removed quickly. Where is the institutional will to make this happen?
I keep thinking of the words of Dan in my book The Wolf at Twilight: "There will come a day when things can't be fixed. And you know what? It will be a day just like today."
Just like today.

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