Saturday, March 11, 2017

45: An Honest Series of His Quotes in Photos

WOW. This is so breathtakingly horrific. And over-the-top unacceptable and intolerable. Violence against women - and all that is feminine, including our Earth Mother - in all its subtle and overt forms needs to not be acceptable to any of us. Period. - Molly


Photographer Corinne Anderson Trively has been disgusted with many of Donald Trump’s statements on issues ranging from women to the environment. A few days ago she read that 45 had said “I don’t even consider myself ambitious” and it reminded her of a photo she had taken of her cat looking decidedly unambitious. She found the photo, added the quote, and an idea was born. 

Every day since, Corinne has created a new image with one of 45’s quotes. Sometimes a quote reminds her of a photo she has already taken and other times one of 45’s quotes inspires her to take a new photo to demonstrate how abhorrent his statements are. Corinne plans on creating an image a day with the goal of creating 45 in all. “So much of what he’s said just guts me,” Corinne says, and she finds creating these images to be cathartic. Many images in her series feature her children, who are 100% behind her project. 

At first Corinne intended to only share her series on her personal Facebook page, but the response was so strong that she created a public Facebook page, 45: An Honest Series, and has started posting the images on Instagram so that her images can be shared more widely.

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