Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reflections On New Stories Which Nourish Who We Are Individually and As a Planetary Family

The possibilities are so beyond over-the-top amazing as we each consider what the new stories to live by are that we can work on creating now, right now, which are rooted in the Great Awakening that is unfolding - stories that inspire and inform and expand and connect and emerge from our deepest capacities for courage, kindness, wisdom, compassion, consciousness, and love.

While it is deeply important to share and illuminate the shadow side of our individual and collective wounds which are rooted in ignorance, greed, fear, loss, and separation, it is equally important to share in every way possible the shadow side of us all that reflects our underdeveloped and unclaimed gifts and potentials and purpose. These are the gifts each of us possess which reflect beauty and creativity and imagination and consciousness of a higher good. These are what we need to nurture in ourselves and one another.

And we need to do this for the children. All the children of all the species everywhere. Another world is truly possible.

Warmest Blessings ~ Molly

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