Sunday, March 5, 2017

R.E. Hathaway: The Greater Your Capacity to Love, the Greater Your Capacity to Feel the Pain...

Oh, I love this! So wise and true... and needed! Gratitude for wisdom, compassion, consciousness, love, and the bright light shining on this path of heart that we are all invited to walk. ~ Molly
 Won't You Walk Beside Me? 
Making the commitment to educate myself about what was really happening in the world has been and continues to be a powerful service to myself and the world. I won’t say that it’s been easy because that would be a total lie. The hardest part was that as my mind and heart opened, it also opened me to feel all of the pain that I had worked tirelessly to numb out, shut out or separate myself from within and without. Pain which I had been blocking forever personally and also this new pain for the world and the environment, etc. with my new found knowledge and awareness. I have found that it takes a tremendous amount of balance to be educated and know what is going on and still hold witness.
‘My desire to stay well-informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane.’ ~ Unknown
I am so grateful that I had the Courage to commit to showing up for myself 100%. I spent over half of my life causing harm because I was asleep and knew not what I was doing and I want this next half to be spent in dedicated service for what is yet to come. It was a huge LEAP and many, many times I was (and still sometimes am) scared and many times I have fallen and many times I got back up and kept moving. I’m still moving and here I am learning in each and every moment that I am open to receiving.
In my past years of silence, I did a tremendous amount of research regarding our planet’s current state and I realized clearly that the world as we currently know it is shifting ABRUPTLY. This rapid shifting is creating tremendous chaos, trauma and fear throughout the collective. It became clear to me that if I really wanted to be of service to the world, the best thing that I could do was take responsibility for the Energy I was putting into the collective. That meant for me, learning to have more balance between doing and being. It meant educating myself about global matters even if it broke my heart and it meant committing to process my fears and my grief immediately. It meant digging hard to merge my unconsciousness and consciousness and it meant showing up without question or Fear when my guidance opens another door for me to walk through. I have learned that if I truly have Faith in that which flows through me then feeling the need to control in anyway is only based in Fear.
Ask Yourself! How does it feel to be in our rapidly changing world? How are the weather changes beginning to affect your life? Are you experiencing Physical Illness? Panic attacks? Depression? Do you find yourself escaping more and more into addiction? Do you numb your mind with TV and are you spending hours online surfing? Are you panicked about money? Are you watching those around you seem to be losing their ‘’ever-loving’ minds?
Ask Yourself? How many hours do I spend in silence, in nature, in ‘communion with that which guides me’ each day? Am I making conscious choices about the food that I feed myself and my family? Am I actively participating in my own life or am I just allowing it to pass me by? Where do I spend my money?
We seem to be in this limbo state at the moment that is full of unknown, fear, discrimination, racism, chaos, collapse and war. Yes, I would say that hate and unconsciousness is putting up quite the battle, yet we all know that death and birth sometimes come with tremendous pain. I see clearly that this one is going to be quite painful, yet I refuse to give up in the Power of One and the Power of Love. Won’t you walk beside me?

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