Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jeff Foster: Your Power Is In Your Loving

Your power is in your loving.
Not in your brute strength.
Not in your bank balance or your ever-changing reputation. Not in your incredible tales of personal conquest and gain. Not even in your intellect, your brilliant mind.
But in your willingness to let your heart break today. In your courage to let another in, let them matter. To feel what they feel. To feel joy, or sorrow, or the most delicious doubting. To stand with them, but not try to fix them.
To be the room for all this emergence.
That is your power; your ability to provide sanctuary, to let life nestle in your giant heart.
To hold the powerless and the helpless.
To breathe into your belly, your chest,
your head, your tense shoulders.
To stand victorious there;
holding all of yourself in a light embrace.
Saying to yourself:
Sweetheart, I am here.
I am here at last.
- Jeff Foster

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