Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ron Matela: Who Said Irony Is Dead?

I am moved to share my husband's perfectly articulated irony that would be humorous if it weren't so horrifically true. Such surreal times we live in where double speak is normalized to an exceedingly dangerous degree. Among my ongoing prayers is that we may increasingly embrace the courage and commitment to be fierce pursuers of truth, integrity, and living in authentic alignment with our highest values. - Molly

Who said irony is dead. The pussy grabber in chief, declared April "Sexual Assault Awareness Month", and a few days later tells us that Bill O'Reilly, who just paid 13 million to 5 women to settle sexual harassment charges, is a good guy, and shouldn't have settled. How many ways can this "populist hero" find to express his utter contempt for the populous, and for everything that is moral, ethical, and decent?

- Ron Matela

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