Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Omid Safi: Praying For the Innocent Lives In Syria

This is spot on. Prayers for all impacted. My heart aches.  - Molly

50 Tomahawks just launched from US Destroyers towards a Syrian airfield near Homs.
We all want human suffering in Syria to stop. We know.
The United States has a very poor track record in using violence to stop violence. We should know.
Something has had to be done. Years ago.
Let us be truthful: The Iranians, The Russians, The Americans, the Saudis, ISIS, all these parties have bombed Syrians. (With some having much more blood on their hands.) Sadly, Syrians being bombed is not new for the last six years...
This latest bombing? God knows best. 
 I don't trust Trump to care about human life here, or there. 
I suffer from no delusions that Trump actually cares about Syrians, or Muslims. If he had, he would not have associated Syrians with terrorism, or blocked Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS with themselves being terrorists and banned them from the United States.
It grieves me to see people jump to praise Trump before the sun has risen and we find out who is dead, and what we have hit. And it pains my heart that we deem politicians with being "leaders" not when they feed the poor or tend to the marginalized, but when they bomb poorest people on Earth. NO.
I understand the desire to do something. But I also know that humanitarian intervention has never been a priority for Trump. (I would argue for much of the United States' foreign policy). So it makes me wonder what the real motivations for this are.
Praying for the innocent lives in Syria.

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