Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thom Hartmann: If You Want to Win, Go Progressive

By The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program | Op-Ed
US Sen. Bernie Sanders, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, waves to the crowd after a town hall at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, on January 25, 2016. (Photo: Alex Hanson)
The big question right now is whether to call Hillary Clinton a progressive, or a "moderate."
And then there's the question of who is more electable in a general election: an unabashedly progressive democrat, like Bernie Sanders, or a "centrist" democrat, like Hillary Clinton.
Jonathan Capehart weighed in on the matter on Thursday morning's edition of MSNBC Live with the claim that it will be important for Democrats to move to the center to win the general election - and he added that it will be easier for Hillary Clinton to do that.
It may be conventional wisdom that a candidate has to swing to the center to win in a general election.
And that conventional wisdom has been central to the Democratic platform ever since Al From's 1992  "bloodless coup" transformed the FDR/LBJ Democratic Party into the Clinton party of "centrist" corporatism.
But that conventional wisdom just doesn't stand up to the scrutiny of history.
The truth is, Democrats win when voter turnout is high.
 And voter turnout is high when voters have real progressive candidates to support.

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