Saturday, February 27, 2016

Reflections On an Open Letter To the People Of the United States

The number of people who continue to be swept up with this narcissist is deeply disturbing. Understanding narcissism as I do and the narcissistic history that we absorbed and inherited and perpetuate and how Donald Trump mirrors this dark underbelly of our nation is something I intellectually understand. 

But my heart does not get it. 

The power of Donald Trump's darkness and danger and utter lack of connection with his heart is so glaring, so overwhelming, so obvious. I can deeply understand why others outside and inside our country are so concerned. There is nothing more polarizing, dangerous, damaging, devastating than Narcissistic Personality Disorder to all who surround a narcissist. 

I know of many who have committed suicide, including my twin brother, and the one thing they have in common is having had a narcissistic parent. To again be embracing a narcissist as a possible President of our nation yet one more time illuminates the profound need America has to heal the Narcissistic Personality Disorder that is the shadow of our nation.

May awakening spread. May kindness and healing and a deep caring for all prevail.

Peace & blessings ~ Molly

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