Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our Choice To Relive the History of Germany... Or Not

My father was a WWII vet. Years ago, Daddy told me that another Hitler could emerge one day, and to pay attention & to be observant. He said that it would begin with spreading fear among the citizens, fear of others, fear of economic instability, eventually fear of unemployment & not knowing "where your next meal might come from"... Daddy said after the population has become sufficiently consumed with fears, then the Hitler-like leader emerges claiming that he and he alone has the answers, and will keep us safe, and it involves eliminating those "other people", and having people see "others" as less that "we" are (i.e. not human). He reminded me that one aspect that allowed people to "own" slaves involved seeing them as "animals" rather than as people. 

My father's warnings came to mind while listening to Ben Carson on the Sunday morning political talk shows. He frequently uses an analogy comparing Syrian refugees to rabid dogs...then he denies making the comparison. Then we have Trump boldly lying that he personally SAW the Muslim community in New Jersey cheering when the towers were destroyed on 9/11. So much more...and the Right Wing push to put more "boots on the ground", and to engage in never ending war, which will again cause economic collapse, although some will profit from war... It certainly WILL NOT BE those whose children must be sent to war.
I think we do have reason to fear... There is real reason to fear these Republican candidates as well as those already in Congress. If voters are manipulated by these candidates, we will re-live the history of Germany in the late 20's through the early 40's. 

- K. Atwater

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