Tuesday, July 4, 2017

For the 4th of July: Vowing To Create a New Story

WOW! Powerful, wise, true, and deeply needed! This post by Jayna Warm Nest Gieber also precisely reflects the depths of my own thoughts, feelings, prayers, experience, awareness, and wisdom. These are the messages we need most to be opening to, embracing, integrating, and sharing with one another. Especially on this day. Especially now. Bless us all. ðŸ’œ

Art by Shepard Fairey

4th of July. I really wanted to write something uplifting. My personal practice of focusing on the positive even during dark and difficult times has been empowering and compassionate. But being honest is one of my core values and the truth is, I'm feeling heartbroken about America. My birth country. A land that I love. The beautiful United States. Except we're not. United. Far from it. We are torn as a people and country. And I’m sad about that.
Conversations with immigrants lately have been revealing though: "America's great!" "You can make something of yourself here." "The troubles are nothing compared to the communism I came from." "Trump is crazy, but he'll be gone soon." "I'll never go back, I'm grateful to be here, this is my new home." Fascinating testimonials that put a positive spin on the privileges of living in this country. Valid and perspective bending. Yes, I can understand what they're saying. I do know from traveling that we are a wealthy country and there is tremendous possibility and freedom here.
But what I've been sitting with and reflecting on is ~ What is the true nature of freedom? This is what I'm coming up with:
I cannot truly be free unless everyone is free.
Freedom may be an inalienable right but there are those in power who do not respect that right.
Freedom makes the soul sing and that makes the world a better place.
Freedom for all is worth fighting for, however we may be called to do that.
So, nope my friends, freedom is not just another word for nothing left to lose.
Freedom is a responsibility.
As a woman of privilege in the dominant culture with all my needs met and a measure of safety and security, I have a responsibility to work towards everyone having the same choices I have.
I cannot tolerate the horrible fact that in this country, people of color are harassed, even killed on a daily basis.
I cannot abide anyone not having health Insurance and medical care when needed.
I cannot stand by when any human being is marginalized and treated with disrespect and danger.
I cannot bear Mother Earth being raped and pillaged with no regard for the future of life for children of all species.
I cannot accept mocking the Statue of Liberty and closing our doors to peaceful immigrants wishing to start a new life. This is the very basis of what America was built on.
What do I stand for? 
Freedom of choice, freedom to love, freedom to make a life worth living, but not at the expense of others or the Earth.
What am I willing to be and do? 
Be resilient. Continue to show up and speak my truth (not that it is anyone else's truth). Support a shift in consciousness and evolution – the old story of progress and privilege is being dismantled before our very eyes in this country. Unraveling. And that is a good thing. Albeit a tad frightening.
There is a great turning happening, an exhilarating new story unfolding, one informed by ancient indigenous ways that cherishes all life, recognizing our interconnectedness with everyone and everything. I vow to be a part of creating that new story. Will you?
Guess I've ended up on a positive note after all!
Happy Freedom Day, people. Lets make it count.

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