Monday, July 10, 2017

AP: Rex Tillerson May Be Forced to Testify over Exxon Climate Emails

Someday, likely sooner than later (because many already are!), the grown children of our nation and the world will be asking why this man and all those in positions of great power - and who used that power to cause such catastrophic harm, death, and destruction - were not held accountable for their actions long before today. What Rex Tillerson has colluded in has been among the worst crimes against humanity and the planet. This truly is the face of Evil. And I am beyond outraged that Tillerson and others are able to continue to put us all in such peril. Especially the children - my children and grandchildren and all the children of all the species everywhere. I pray for justice! And sanity! - Molly
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could soon be called to testify about a separate email account he used for years to discuss global warming while he served as CEO of ExxonMobil. That’s according to the Associated Press, which reports that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is prepared to question Tillerson as part of his probe into whether Exxon misled its investors about the impact of climate change. While at Exxon, Tillerson used the alias "Wayne Tracker" on a separate email account to discuss climate-related topics. Exxon officials have admitted that most of the emails from the account have been permanently deleted and that the company allowed months’ worth of Tillerson’s emails to be deleted even after the New York Attorney General’s Office requested they be preserved.

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