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Agnes Baker Pilgrim: We're Being a Voice For the Voiceless

I have long loved the Grandmothers. I first heard of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers many years ago. These are indigenous Elders from all over the world who have come together to help us heal ourselves, other beings, and Mother Earth, and to be mindful of what it is that we leave behind for the next seven generations. I also learned that Agnes Pilgrim, the oldest living member of the Takelma Tribe here in Oregon, is the Chairwoman of the Council of Grandmothers. May we listen to this wisdom and remember what we have forgotten. And may we each rise up to act together to create the world we all need. - Molly

Quotes by Agnes Baker Pilgrim

We have been brought together by a common vision to form a new global alliance.  We are the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  Ours is an alliance of prayer, education, and healing for our Mother Earth, all her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come.
We're being a voice for the voiceless. Mother Earth is calling us back. We're covering her face with concrete. We're polluting her waters with garbage. Enough is enough. When the trees and water are gone, how can the world banks manufacture money?" started the Blessing of the Salmon Cer­emony in ’94 on the Applegate River. I wanted to restore our ritualistic way so people would understand, be re­spectful and be careful of what they’re doing to the earth.
The greatest distance in the world is the 14 inches from our hearts to our minds.
In the state of Oregon, where I come from, there's over two hundred species of animal life that's gone.
And we all know, water is our earth mother's blood.  And we are losing it around the world. 
The blood has run long enough. We have to care about the little people. It is not adults that own this world — it is the children. 
There's got to be a change... and there's got to be a better way.
You are here to shine your light from every pore of your being. Glorify your own nature, taking your power back and standing in your own spiritual light, a quantum consciousness of awareness. How are you using your gifts? How will you serve the planet? Are you walking your talk? Prayer is the only way. Prayer is the language of our souls, the only way to feed your answers is to pray.
I am a voice for the voice for the voiceless.  We are all speaking to an unseen world, speaking for our Mother Earth, trying to stop our spiritual blindness. We speak for the animal kingdom for those in the waters, for the four-leggeds and the one-leggeds (trees) ... and the creepy crawlers.  I pray our Creator hears us. The creatures have a right to be. 
We need to enlighten people and tell the world leaders there has to be a better way. If we allow the animal kingdom to disappear, at the rapid rate it is disappearing, then we are killing ourselves faster than we think.
From the getgo, this council originated from the Spirit World.  Every one of us has been called.  Through our prayers, we can touch the hearts of the people.  We can help stop spiritual blindness around the world. Our prayers can be brought from the four corners of the world for this work.  We can be the voice of strength, encouragement, and love, fighting for peace. Remember, even water dripping on a rock can make a difference. 
When is enough, enough?! We are here to let the beauty, love and joy continue so when you walk through this journey, the earth is the better for it. There is "right seeing" — parts of your mind open for you, and you see what people believe about reality. You created your experience of reality. Is it fear or greed? Or is it happiness? These experiences are not in the conscious mind of the earth — the anchor that holds the earth's vibrations. We become the see-ers, activating the third eye, seeing before the separation when the insatiable beast of greed takes over. We can give back love, generosity and forgiveness when we 'see' rightly. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is our gift! What part will you play today?!" 

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