Thursday, June 15, 2017

Right-Wing Pastor Says ‘Amen’ When Guest Wants to See Gov. Jerry Brown ‘Hanging From a Rope’

There are people in this world who are profoundly wounded, disturbed, asleep. I say this with the full humility of knowing that I was once among them. Then began the miracle and extraordinary blessing of my awakening which began over 30 years ago... 

It is my belief that the challenge for us all when we are faced today with such toxic and horrific violence as described here - which is ever increasing - is to Not add to or absorb this violence and return it in any form. At least this is my challenge - how to use and channel my outrage, horror, shock, frustration, fears, and grief in ways which ground me ever more deeply in my spiritual practice and the commitment to alleviating the suffering in the world.

When news such as this arises, my ongoing prayer is that we will recognize the choice to become even more conscious and fierce about standing firmly rooted in truth and wisdom, courage and kindness, compassion and caring, connection and consciousness, healing and wholeness, and love. We can consciously choose to be the peace our world hungers for. Every single time we are faced with any of the many forms of violence which plague our culture and planet, this is what I believe the invitation is for us - to become the alchemist who transforms such darkness into blessing. It can be done. And this transformation and healing of our world begins within the hearts, minds, and souls of each and every one of us. 
Bless us all - Molly

"When we hold on to our opinions with aggression, no matter how valid our cause, we are simply adding more aggression to the planet, and violence and pain increase. Cultivating nonaggression is cultivating peace." - Pema Chödrön

As Republicans in Congress are rushing to microphones to accuse Democrats of toxic rhetoric that they believe called one Illinois man to open fire on elected officials, one pastor is agreeing with such speech from a Republican activist.
During right-wing radio host Dave Daubenmire’s Wednesday webcast, fellow activist Sheila Zilinsky claimed that god caused Hillary Clinton’s health problems as a response to her own prayer. She went on to say that Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) “should be hanging from a rope,” Right Wing Watch reported.
“Christians are not being taught spiritual warfare,” Zilinsky said, cautioning that they are not exercising their “dominion over the earth.” She urged them to go on the offensive against “demonic spirits that rule the world.”
“We have weapons that are not carnal and we should have that same attitude toward the devil; you just come and try it, I will beat you down with the blood of Jesus, pal,” she continued. “We really actually have these ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missile) in the spirit and we can bind, we can loose. I said every day of the campaign, ‘I suffer the witch not to live’ and Hillary Clinton, not very long after that, she was having all sorts of crazy episodes.”
While praising President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, she called Brown a “treasonous huckster” and repeated her call that he “should be hanging from a rope [in the] town square.”
Daubenmire replied with “amen.”

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