Friday, June 9, 2017

Now This From Trump Headquaters

I believe it is important to know and expose propaganda wherever it is to be found, which is certainly in the extreme right wing of both major political parties. That said, what we now see has taken the mind numbing and toxic faux stories and polarizing propaganda Americans are immersed in to a whole new and profoundly disturbing level. The below piece is but one of countless examples. May we all be fierce in our pursuit of truth and advocacy for creating a world which increasingly works for all. - Molly

Now this from Trump headquarters:

James Comey stated under oath that President Trump was NOT under investigation by the FBI.
...So why has the Fake News Media spent so much time reporting on the so-called “Russia investigation?”
Democrats are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites inciting a WITCH HUNT to take down President Trump… And for one simple reason: He wants to put America FIRST.
Putting America First means special interests no longer get to sell out our country for their own personal gain. It means we no longer enter multinational agreements that surrender our sovereignty. It means we no longer funnel billions of American dollars to countries that hate us. It means we no longer let just anyone pour over our border.
Our winning movement ended an era of selling out American interests -- and the corrupt political class is FURIOUS.
The witch hunt won’t be over today. It won’t be over tomorrow. We MUST keep fighting. Our country is at stake.
Trump Headquarters

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