Sunday, June 25, 2017

Henry Giroux: A Democracy Cannot Exist Without Informed Citizens

Henry Giroux is one of my greatest heroes. I hold Henry and all those who devote their lifetimes to the work of creating a more awakened, just, caring, sustainable, and peaceful world with the deepest respect, trust, gratitude, and love. May we all inspire one another to be part of the Great Awakening that is growing day by day! We are truly all in this together. And this is absolutely not the time to become part of the cult of powerlessness. We all have a role to play!
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Discerning who to trust for our information, and who not to trust, is vitally important for us individually and collectively. Our children and future generations are depending on us informing ourselves and acting in some way on their behalf now, here, today.

Bless us all - Molly 

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