Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Most Straightforward Advice On Awakening Enlightened Mind

This has been my intention for quite a while now, a vow I have set -- to do the best I can, one day and one moment at a time, to walk a path of no harm. Profoundly powerful, transformative, life changing. And as they say in 12 Step Programs, more will be revealed. Again and again and again, more is revealed to empower us to see yet another way that we hold back, split off, point our fingers and judging mind, cause harm in ways we did not recognize. And with each new awareness we grow bigger and bigger in our loving. YES! Wouldn't it be amazing if this intention - to walk a path of no harm - spread, rippling out across our hearts and families and communities and nation and beyond. Just imagine if this were the New Year commitment that we each chose to make for 2017. Just imagine!

Bless us all! ~ Molly 

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