Monday, January 30, 2017

From Living Earth: We Can Work With Love, For Love, Toward Love

We are all being inundated with calls to action and crisis response. Please do consider them, act if you choose, and then breathe. We can't turn away, we need to be aware of the scope and density of the ignorance that has commandeered our collective boat. AND. . . we all need to breathe. 

Wherever you engage, whatever issues pull your heart most tearfully or often, thank you. Thank you. Find your place there. We can't all do everything, but when we know we can count on each other to be wholehearted in our actions, we grow stronger in trust and shared intention. Let's find our stride in this new terrain, so we can move, unfatigued, strong, graceful, powerful, and beautiful. 

Panic and fear are the winning tools of despotism and tyranny. Do not let them in, do not let them win. We need each other, we can keep each other whole. We can work with love, for love, toward love. With love and courage, focus and energy, clarity and beauty. 

This we can do. This is what we were born for. Thank you for being who you are in this moment. Thank you.


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