Saturday, January 14, 2017

Republicans Plan To Overwhelm You So You Don’t Know What’s Going On. And It’s Going To Work.

More about the Shock Doctrine that we Americans are being flooded and overwhelmed with right now. Naomi Klein illuminates this -- It's called shock therapy: "Republicans are trying to overwhelm you so you don't know what's going on."
These times are calling for each and every one of us, as best as we possibly can, to ground ourselves in beauty, connection, love, joy, humor, compassion, nature, Earth, and whatever religious or spiritual path we walk - to ground ourselves in all that nourishes and strengthens us. Because we need the balance and the conscious experience of these qualities within us and around us to sustain our capacity for the courage and commitment needed to face head on, eyes and heart open, and to resist what is happening that puts all that is most worth cherishing at risk. These are truly dangerous times, unlike any before in my lifetime.
It is my belief that it is time for humankind to evolve beyond where we have come thus far. Inside us all is the essence of love and beauty. We need to increasingly connect with our essence and act from that place of wisdom, awareness, and love. We need to awaken to remembrance of the Sacred. The time is now. 
Bless us all ~ Molly

The GOP is planning to overwhelm you with information so you don’t get too outraged about any one thing. If that sounds like a baseless conspiracy theory to you, let’s take a look at how jam-packed the agenda is on Wednesday. In just one day, the Senate is scheduled to hold confirmation hearings for six people who’ve agreed to work for the terrifying president-elect, including some racists and religious extremists. Here’s the list: Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director, Betsy DeVos for secretary of education, Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, John Kelly for secretary of homeland security, and Elaine Chao for secretary of transportation.
Oh, and by the way, Donald Trump will have his first press conference SINCE THE ELECTION. And that just so happens to be on the same day the Senate plans to vote on various bills aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act too. So good luck keeping up with all that.
The scariest part about all this is it’s a pretty solid strategy to keep the public uninformed. Not only will it overwhelm individuals with too much information to sort through and process, but it’ll also put a strain on newsrooms—many of which won’t be able to devote adequate resources to thoroughly cover each hearing along with Trump’s press conference and the Senate votes.
Oh, and on top of that, the ethics reviews for Trump’s cabinet picks won’t be properly finished in time for all the hearings coming up. The nonpartisan Office of Government Ethics says they just don’t have enough time to vet Trump’s nominations, and Senate Republicans are refusing to give them more time. That means neither the public nor lawmakers will really know if Trump’s picks have any damning conflicts of interests unless the Democrat’s plan to drag out the hearings to a reasonable pace is successful.
This Republican strategy isn’t just a way to keep the public in the dark though. Perhaps just as frighteningly, this is a good way to keep lawmakers uninformed about what they’re actually voting on, giving them plausible deniability for approving nominations who have signaled they plan to work with Trump to take our country in a frightening direction. For GOP lawmakers, ignorance seems to be bliss.

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