Sunday, December 28, 2014

For An Addict: A Blessing

I share this beautiful and profound blessing by John O'Donohue for all those who actively struggle with addiction. Most of us know, and are even close with, someone who is being pulled under by the force of their attachment to something outside themselves. On some level, and to one degree or another, this can also be true for most of us. Years ago I read a book called When Society Becomes An Addict and was deeply struck with how our culture subtly but actively supports addiction in all its forms. It became clear that most of us fall somewhere on the continuum of being more or less addicted and more or less awake. Addiction wears many faces and can be defined as any consistent pattern of behavior and thinking that obstructs our healing, wholeness, presence, and being more fully who we truly are. These many faces can take the form of addiction to countless distractions, some more obvious and harmful than others: alcohol and drugs, shopping and accumulating stuff, starving or overeating, caretaking and codependency, religion and rigidity, racism and bigotry, projection and blame, exercise and work, sex and affairs, anger and abuse, judging and thinking, greed and all forms of violence, etc., etc. Today, not only am I 30 years into my recovery from substance addiction, I am also rooted into a lifelong journey of increasingly awakening to all that which distracts and disconnects me from myself, from you, from all beings, from this precious moment and this precious life I have been gifted. My continued prayer for us all is for deepening mindfulness, presence, compassion, connection. While addiction separates, the intention and commitment to awaken brings remembrance of what we have forgotten. May we all remember the beauty of our true nature, may we be healed, may our hearts remain open, may we know peace. 

Many blessings ~ Molly


For An Addict
A Blessing

On its way through the innocent night,
The moth is ambushed by the light,
Becomes glued to a window
Where a candle buns; its whole self,
Its dreams of flight and all desire
Trapped in one glazed gaze;
Now nothing else ca satisfy
But the deadly beauty of flame.

When you lose the feel
For all other belonging
And what is truly near
Becomes distant and ghostly,
And you are visited
And claimed by a simplicity
Sinister in its singularity,

No longer yourself, your mind
And will owned and steered
From elsewhere now,
You would sacrifice anything
To dance once more to the haunted
Music with your fatal beloved
Who owns the eyes of your heart.

These words of blessing cannot
Reach, even as echoes,
To the shore of where you are,

Yet may they work without you
To soften some slight line through
To the white cave where
Your soul is captive.

May some glimmer
Of outside light reach your eyes
To help you recognize how
You have fallen for a vampire.

May you crash hard and soon
Onto real ground again
Where this fundamentalist
Shell might start to crack
For you to hear
Again your own echo.

That your lost lonesome heart
Might learn to cry out
For the true intimacy
Of love that waits
To take you home

To where you are known
And seen and where
Your life is treasured
Beyond every frontier
Of despair you have crossed.

- John O’Donohue
To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings


Janie Klimek said...

Thank you. Well said and heartfelt. I hear you.

Molly Strong said...

Thank you, Janie. I appreciate our heartfelt connection. :-)