Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It Is Not Necessary To Call Her Names. Just Present the Facts.

I first began my research in the wake of 9-11. What I have uncovered over the past 14+ years is the vastness of my ignorance, of my indoctrination into the shadow side of our nation, and of the personal and collective belief systems which serve to keep us disempowered and acting against a higher good for us all. All this fueled my passion for waking up and learning how to act as a human being, a woman, an elder, a grandmother, and a planetary citizen on behalf of a higher good. There are countless people I have been following for years now, and among them are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Given what I have learned, today I can say without any reservation that we truly do have a choice between really bad and a complete nightmare. We do! That is why my #2 priority is to stop the Republicans (who don't even believe in global warming!!), why my #3 priority is to stop Hillary Clinton (see the below for a glimpse into how important this is!), and why my #1 priority is to support the candidacy and election of Bernie Sanders. Another world is possible! It is! May we all be passionate about courageously informing ourselves, learning how to follow the money, and actively acting on behalf of a higher good for us all. Tag, we are all it! 
Bless us all ~ Molly

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein shakes hands with Hillary Clinton at a Clinton Global Initiative event in 2014. | AP Photo
Clinton with Henry Kissinger, known to many worldwide as a war criminal.
It is not necessary to call her names. Just present the facts:
FACTS: Hillary Clinton promoted fracking all of the world. She opposes Medicare-For-All and says a universal, single-payer system can’t happen. She has six personal superPACs funded largely by Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Private Prisons, the Military Industrial Complex, etc. She blamed homeowners for the financial crisis created by Wall Street. She supported the $700 billion Wall Street bailout with taxpayer money. She opposes reinstating Glass-Steagall legislature, which Bill Clinton overturned, making way for increased Wall Street recklessness. Hillary hasn’t ruled out raising the Social Security retirement age. She has not ruled out cuts to Social Security. She fully supported the invasion of Iraq. She was an architect of the forced regime changes in Libya, Bosnia, Serbia, Syria, Kenya, and Honduras. She supported NAFTA. She called the TPP the ‘gold standard’ of trade deals and still has not openly opposed it. She supported PNTR with China. Hillary supported the USA Patriot Act. She opposes tuition-free higher education at public colleges and universities. She championed the 1996 welfare reform. She supports the death penalty. She called to deport children fleeing violence in Central America from the US. She championed the brutally-homophobic DOMA and has passionately spoken against gay rights in the last decade. She supported Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. She supported ‘three strikes and you’re out’ sentencing. She voted for 2006 bill to build a 700mile fence along the Mexican border. She worked as corporate lawyer for Monsanto and spent 7 years on the board of directors of union-bashing Wal-Mart. Her campaign manager is a private prison lobbyist.

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