Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who's Who On Trump's Team

I believe it is incredibly important to inform ourselves in an ongoing way - including when it is hard or painful to do so - about the issues which deeply impact the well-being of us all. The details of those who Trump is selecting to nominate for different cabinet positions are among the issues which we need to pay attention to. There are disturbing, destructive, and dangerous patterns here that are important to recognize and ultimately to do everything we possibly can to interrupt and stop. However, I take exception to the original article which used the word "deplorables" in the title. I don't believe it is helpful to name call. It is helpful to tell the truth in ways which inform and reflect integrity and a commitment to truth and a higher good. There is much work for us all now and in the days to come. May we each discover our part and what it is that we come here to do. We're all needed. - Molly

What do Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees and advisors think about climate change and other sustainability issues? As you would expect, it’s not looking good for those of us concerned about a habitable climate and livable cities. Trump is putting together a climate-denying cabal of extreme right-wingers and corporate sympathizers likely to roll back environmental protections, halt smart-growth efforts, and undo progress toward environmental justice.

We’ll keep tabs on the most relevant nominees and appointees here, continuing as they make their way through the confirmation process, so check back for updates.

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