Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Opposition to the TPP Is Not Wrong... It's Insulting

Truth matters. A higher good for all matters. Digging deep in our research, learning how to follow the money, discerning what is propaganda and what is being left out or distorted or denied, and aligning ourselves and our belief systems and our actions with our values matters. Matters deeply. It is my perspective that it is critical for us to know Hillary Clinton's record on things such as the TPP, Keystone, Monsanto, war, Wall Street and Dark Money, and on and on. Critical. While Clinton has recently changed many of her positions, and while she does not pose the same extreme stands that the Republicans do on many issues, there still remain threads of commonalities that are deeply disturbing.
That said, we do have choices. I have been following Bernie Sanders for many years now, and he is the one candidate whose record, whose integrity and authenticity, and whose advocacy for a higher good for all has been consistent over the span of decades. We Americans need to know this.
We also need to know that regardless of who sits in the White House, each and every one of us has a responsibility to do our part in working toward a kinder and more sane, just, and peaceful world. The world is watching. And our children and grandchildren and children yet unborn in our nation and from around the world are depending on us to inform ourselves and to act on their behalf. This is especially true as we work to courageously embrace the truth about global warming and the threat it poses to us all if we do not take urgently needed action now.
As a woman entering my years as an Elder, it is especially important for me to walk my talk, to have my voice rather than be silent, to courageously inform myself and hone my skills of discernment, and - as best as I can one day at a time - to act out of wisdom and passionate caring for the well-being of all life. I do this not just for my children and baby grandson, but for all the children of all the species everywhere and for our Sacred Earth Mother.
We are all in this together. Tag, we are all it! ~ Molly
Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against The Trans-Pacific Partnership
by Salom Morcos
In October, Hillary Clinton announced in an interview that she was no longer supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. This came as a big surprise to many as she was a strong supporter for the deal before coming out against it. Jake Tapper identified 45 times where Hillary Clinton pushed for the deal before finally opposing it. As a progressive and a strong opponent of the TPP, shouldn't I be pleased that Hillary Clinton is finally opposing this disastrous trade deal?
But the answer is no. I am not pleased at all by that announcement. And don't get me wrong… this has nothing to do with her evolving on the issue. I know some people are sensitive to her evolving, but progressives fight every day to change people's views. I would be glad if she actually evolved on it but I don't believe her and here is why:
1. Hillary made the announcement less than a week before the first debate. The TPP was one of the main issues that her two main challengers, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley, were hammering her with. Also, Sanders poll numbers were rising especially in Iowa and New Hampshire and started to become a real threat for the nomination. Agreeing with him on this issue would defuse a potential heated argument in the first debate that could hurt her chances. The very same can be said about her last minute opposition to the Keystone pipeline which she previously supported.
2. It was one of the main reasons that prevented many unions from endorsing her. The largest union, AFL-CIO, delayed its endorsement to put pressure on Hillary to oppose the TPP. The union's president, Richard Trumka, made it clear that opposing the TPP was important to gain the union's support.
3. Hillary Clinton stated that she wouldn't lobby or rally against the TPP. She would only state her position. Since she's not a member in the Congress, her position means absolutely nothing to defeat the TPP. In fact, she has the endorsement of the vast majority of democrats in the Congress, including those who voted to Fast Track it. This makes her the best person positioned to rally democrats to defeat it. However, she chooses to stay put and do absolutely nothing.

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